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Another, more detailed version of my RP request
Light as a feather
This is going to be a very long, detailed request because I'm looking for a very specific kind of person. I'm quirky and I know myself very well, so this is my attempt to find what I'm looking for. That's not to say that I'm absolutely amazing or anything, just that I know what I want, so please don't take my direct tone to mean that I'm harsh or unkind.

Name: Dani
Age: 26 (and I'm not down with RPing unless you are OVER 18!!! If you lie to me about this, as has been the case in the past, I will end our game the moment I find out. Sorry, but I'm not comfortable with discussing graphic sex with minors.)
Time Zone/Location: PST, west coast
Availability: Right now I'm having some internet problems, but when that's fixed, I should be on most days anytime between 9AM through to 1AM. That doesn't mean that I'll always be on then, or that I'll be on every day, but I'm on for at least a few hours most days, and I'll find a way to keep our game going at a decent pace if I'm really invested.

E-mail: comment to ask me for it
AIM: gemelamalvada (I have trillian, so let me know if you need me to try something else.)

Would you play:

-m/m (yaoi)?
This is what I'm specifically looking for right now.
- f/f (yuri)? I'm not currently looking for this, but if you like it in addition to yaoi, I'm sure we can work it in or play it on the side.
- m/f (het)? Again, not currently what I'm looking for, but same as the above.
- a death scene? Definitely, but only if we both wanted it to happen, of course. If it's the death of a main character, I'd prefer we make it an AU game so that we can enjoy the drama, etc, without actually losing the main story. Unless we both decide that it's best for the plot for the character to die.
- a villian? I love villains, haha. I hope you do, too, cause if you aren't comfortable playing an antagonist, I just know we're not gonna be compatible.
- an otherwise controversial character? Honestly, what's controversial anymore? I doubt there's a character type out there that could truly offend me.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is long, I want to point out that there are a few semi-controversial musts of mine, and I don't want you to waste your time reading this if it doesn't work for you. Before you click the cut to see if we're compatible, here is a quick run down to let you know that we won't fit, so no need to waste your time reading through this. We will not be compatible if any of the following applies to you:

1. You don't like playing out non-consensual scenes or violence.
2. You prefer to play uke/sub or switch and don't truly enjoy playing seme/dom. (I'm all about bashing stereotypes, but my characters being subs doesn't affect their personalities. I just have a bit of a penetration kink. RP is for fun and fantasy and that's just what I like.)
3. You don't use proper grammar and/or spelling.
4. You only play fandoms, or you only play one character. I want us to be able to freely choose our setting, so if everything is restricted by your character choice, that takes away from the fun for me.
5. You have lost multiple friendships because people have told you you are unpleasant, confrontational, touchy, or melodramatic, or that you have poor social skills.
6. You want to play nothing but PWP, OR you refuse to write out graphic sex scenes.
7. You don't like writing more than a few sentences per post.

If none of those things apply to you and you're still interested, please click below!

Style: Third-person, past tense, multi-paragraph (average 2-5, longer for intros), prose. (Think collaborative book writing.) Complex, plot-heavy games only--no PWP.
Format: Email while chatting on a messenger OOC is my preferred format, but I'm willing to discuss using a private community or even a messenger if we're compatible enough. I really would prefer to avoid the latter, though.

Plays: Original ONLY

Favorite Genre: supernatural (the genre, not the show), drama, horror, crime, urban fantasy, science fiction to a degree, superhero/x-men type settings (original only), and I'm sure there are others that I can't think of. It's easier to tell you what I'm NOT interested in: historical, modern realistic (where it's about day to day life with little to no action), high school settings (unless you have a very awesome idea to make it different), Master/Slave (I like the idea of it, but if that's the entire plot of the game, it gets old fast)
Favorite Theme / Concept: hurt/comfort (LOVE THIS ONE, pretty much a must!), forbidden love, enemies turned lovers, betrayal, violence, heartbreak/angst,
Rate your play: NC-17 only. I like sex and violence in my games. While they won't be gratuitous, this is otherwise nonnegotiable. At the same time, I'm not at all interested in PWP and violence for the sake of violence, so as long as you like these things when they complement the plot rather than supplement the plot, we should get along.


Ages: I generally play 15-25 or so. I am willing to play older or younger depending on your preference; however, please note that I probably won't go much older than 30 for my main character, but will generally play any age range for side characters. As for yours, I'd prefer your character to be older than mine, or the same age, rather than younger. I also have a thing for age gaps (the largest gap so far being 32 years, so I'm very open here), but if you don't, that's fine. I'm willing to play against pretty much any age, so if you want to whip out a pretty fit 65-year-old, be my guest. But you have to be okay with the fact that my character will probably still be quite young.

Usage of Other Characters: Actually, this is a big one! I don't want our two characters to be the only non-bit roles in the whole RP. I love having a whole supporting cast of interesting characters, even possibly a few other main characters. I also don't do the NPC thing, so any character I make, no matter how brief and unimportant, is mine. I may use them later, etc. so I'd prefer to be the only one who uses them.

PEEVES: (stuff I hate)

+ Players who act as if their character is able to obtain knowledge based on our OOC discussions. For example, if we decide to play with slaves who are all branded with a certain tattoo, and your character was just kidnapped and thrown into the cell where he has no idea what's going on, don't have him immediately turn to my character, see his tattoo, and say, "Hey, do we all have to get one of those?" Or likewise, if he sees a photo with a person in it who isn't in the room, just because you know he's dead doesn't mean that should be the automatic conclusion your character jumps to.

+ People who say they understand that my characters bottom in bed but aren't defined by their position, then try to get me to play top to their "power bottom."

+ Immature and annoying characters who throw temper tantrums or behave in ways typical of high school drama queens

+ Straight characters who are having their first gay experience with my character

+ Rape that is portrayed as turning consensual because the character physically responds to it

+ Unrealistic behavior. This one is killer. I really, really hate when someone starts off okay, then has their character behave like they're new to this planet. If our characters just met, don't have yours molest mine out of nowhere, unless your goal was to have him punch him in the face. Likewise, he shouldn't be ready to propose after a single date. Also, if your character storms out of the room in a huff shortly after meeting mine, my character WILL NOT chase after him. Why would he?

+ People who don't seem to understand what is and isn't appropriate in basic interactions. For example, if our characters just met, yours shouldn't just walk up and put his hand down my character's pants. Likewise, if they just went on a date, your character also shouldn't be willing to die for him. They just met.

+ Someone doesn't use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Little mistakes are fine, obviously, as we all make them, but if you consistently struggle, it really takes away from the game for me. I'm sorry. (SEE: Deal Breakers)

+ Someone who only wants to play PWP. Sex is great, but without a plot and character development, I get bored very quickly.

+ Someone who is very rigid about what they want to play, but who does not offer an alternative. I don't mind if someone has certain limitations as long as they don't contradict what I'm looking for, but if that's the case, please come to me with developed ideas.

Character Types I Dislike: I already kind of went over this, but immature characters who do illogical, inappropriate things irk me quite a bit. Not a fan of characters who seem to have no sexuality or who force me to constantly chase after them without giving anything back. I don't like characters who can do anything they want with no consequences at all (like walk into a bar and immediately beat up everyone despite being outnumbered, then walk away without being arrested).

WANTS: (stuff I love)

+ Asshole/dickish characters who are complex and capable of growing and maturing

+ Antagonists tormenting our characters in various ways, physically, emotionally, and psychologically (in different instances, not just endlessly throughout the game)

+ Hurt/comfort, especially after sexual assault

+ Dark settings or themes with lots of plot room for violence, etc

+ Complex, detailed plot that evolves and grows into something even bigger over time (like growing history, relationships, etc)

+ Characters who really love one another but who still have fights and realistic problems between them

+ Characters who hate each other but end up screwing (not usually the main couple)

+ Characters who grow and change as the story progresses;

+ When the person I'm playing with has my character attacked, raped, or otherwise harmed when we hadn't discussed it first (I like surprises in the story)

+ Betrayal (someone selling someone else out, someone harming someone or letting someone else harm them), as long as it's either AU or there's some sort of justice or comfort after

+ One person being forced to watch their loved one being harmed in some way (what can I say, emotional trauma is fun when it's fictional)

+ Banter and snark between characters whether it's on friendly terms or otherwise. I love it when it's done with affection, but I also like it when it's biting, between two people who don't get along. Bonus points if at some point it leads to a physical fight.

+ Someone who is interested in human psychology and the psychology of human interaction. One of my favorite things about RPing is getting inside our characters heads, both our own and each other's. It's a huge plus if you're good at that sort of thing and have an interest in it.

+ Someone who writes long and detailed posts. Don't force it, of course. Sometimes there isn't much to say. But I'm specifically looking for people who include history, thoughts, surroundings, etc. rather than just dialogue and basic action.

+ Someone with reliable internet access who can play fairly regularly and can respond multiple times in a session

+ Someone who really enjoys violence, drama, angst, and hurt/comfort as much as I do.

+ Someone who let's me know how they're feeling about the game, whether or not they're enjoying it, etc. Open communication is a big deal.

Character Types I Like: Well, I already mentioned it a bit, but I love asshole types. You know, the kind of guys who are kind of rough around the edges, not always easy to get along with, etc. But not just one dimensional douche sorts. I want our characters to be able to have a healthy relationship with actual love involved, of course, even if it takes some time. I also really like possessive, jealous types. In game only, haha. I'm a fan of any character that is well-developed and complex, especially those with an interesting history, who comes with friends and family to make things more interesting in the RP. I love villains, and I love dominant characters, as long as it doesn't turn into a master/slave type scenario where my character just stands around and cries while yours does big kid stuff.


Here is a list of things that I virtually always apply to my games. If you disagree with any of them, I know for a fact that we won't be compatible.

1. You must have a basic understanding of English and a decent grasp of spelling, etc. Use a spellchecker if you aren't sure. There's nothing wrong with struggling with English, but it takes away from my RP enjoyment. Sorry. I have no problem with occasional typos as we all make them, but if it's clear you're going to have issues throughout, I'm going to have to pass.

2. You MUST be comfortable and enjoy playing a dominant male (or seme) in a m/m pairing. As I mentioned before, my characters have all sorts of personalities that aren't affected by their position in bed, but when I start a game, I prefer to play the sub (or uke). This doesn't mean he'll be soft and whiny, it just happens to be the position I prefer. I understand that a lot of people like this position, but for me it isn't because I want the other person to take control of the plot, etc. It's a team effort, through and through. My character pairings in the game will vary, and I play doms and switches as well, but I generally will play a sub in the main pairing of each of our games. I'm not looking for a compromise. I want us both to be having a great time, so if you're only willing to play dom to my sub so that I'll play dom to your sub eventually, it isn't going to work. It's frustrating when people ignore my very clear explanation that it IS the position in bed that I'm interested in and it has nothing to do with the character's personality (like how people may refer to a feisty character who bottoms as a "power bottom"), so please don't jump in with an offer to use your uke character who is "really badass" or your sub who "switches, too", etc. This isn't a matter of personality and bedroom position correlation. I just like it when my boys take it.

3. I use RP as a form of fun, a form of escapism, and a way to work out my issues, heh. That in mind, there will always be certain themes in my stories that some may find objectionable. I have yet to play a successful game so far that doesn't include rape. Now let me be clear before you hit the back button, this is NOT rape to love or buttsex you didn't know you wanted. I am very, very sensitive about the topic of rape, and for me, it's another form of catharsis as well as a strong dramatic element. I have a thing for playing through emotional trauma of a character. I'm just very fond of exploring the emotional and psychological layers of our boys. That means I'm not interested in rape that is portrayed as okay if the character physically responds to it, and I don't like rape where the character becoming aroused or having an orgasm is implied to signify consent. I'm generally not interested in it happening between the main character and his love interest unless under special circumstances. I can be the attacker or the victim, but I generally prefer to play the victim.

4. NO ANIMAL DEATH OR TORTURE. I DO NOT like to talk about animals being harmed in any way, even in a fictional sense. If we're playing werewolves, I don't want to hear about them hunting unless it's human hunting. If you insist on talking to me about that stuff, in or out of the game, I'll have to end it. However, this DOES NOT include fantasy creatures or humanoid animals. So if you've got a shape-shifter or something that gets beat up in animal form, that's fine.

5. If you are rude to me, demanding, extremely touchy, or pushy, I will kindly have to pass. I'm not looking to walk around on eggshells, so please keep that in mind. I am NOT looking for someone extremely high strung. If you're very easily offended or angered, very easily upset, or quick to have a meltdown if something in the game doesn't go your way, please move along. I have a very hectic life, and RP is my chance to indulge in a little escapism. While I want my games to be serious and polished, I don't want to feel like I have to be on guard and watch every little thing I say, because I won't do that. Basically, if within the first hour or so of us meeting, you are already making nitpicky demands, I'll have no choice but to end things there. Honesty is great, but if you have a problem with the way I say things or my turn of phrase to such a degree that you actually must point it out each time, move along. This is supposed to be fun for both of us.

Ultimately, what I'm looking for is a mature*, honest person who is interested in the same things I am, has a compatible writing style with my own, and has a strong grasp of the English language. I'm not asking you to jump through hoops like you have to impress me. You need only be yourself.

*And by that, I don't mean you can't be weird and silly. Lord knows that I certainly am.


* I've been RPing for about ten years, daily for hours for about 7 years of that, exclusively in novel style (past tense, third person, prose). It has been four years since I've sought out a new RP partner, because I've been playing with my dream RP partner for the last five. However, things have come up, we can't play as often, and I'm hoping to miraculously find that same amazing connection with someone else. Fingers crossed.

* My RPs are often dark, plot-heavy, complex stories that usually include a level of violence (though plenty of hurt/comfort, too!). To me, the story and the character development are the most important parts, and I get bored if we aren't focusing on that element. For example, though sex and violence is lots of fun, if it's gratuitous, and especially if not enough has happened to make me care about the characters, it gets dull quickly.

* I'm a writer, and my RP style reflects that. As I mentioned before, you can expect multi-paragraph posts, usually around 2-5 depending on the scene, more if the situation calls for it. I don't ramble on for pages about what trees look like, but I appreciate the details beyond basic action and dialogue, so you might see a bit of my character's thought process, catch a bit of his past, etc.

* I'm a very busy person, but when I really mesh well with someone, I will find time to play with them. Though I have a lot on my plate, I make my own schedule, so we can discuss your availability and find something that works.

* I'm silly and sarcastic, love to laugh, and am usually lighthearted about most things outside of the game. I'm honest and straightforward, and I'll let you know if I'm wandering from the computer or if I won't be on the next day. I'm big on communication, and I'm definitely not one of those people who just vanishes.

* What I really love is finding a person who's on the same wavelength, then banging out a complex emotional roller coaster with them. I want us to build a world together. Nothing makes me happier than finding someone who is as enthusiastic as I am about the RP, and who loves to put our characters through hell. I am quite fond of the "earn your happy ending" trope.

* That in mind, I do like happy endings. I can put our boys through absolute hell, but in the end, they have to be in a good place. Unless it's an AU side game. Those are great for really going hog wild on your characters.

* I'm really only interested in playing long term RPs, though I do have a thing for short, AU games that we can use to allow us to do things to our RP characters that would ruin things or wouldn't fit in the actual universe we've created.

* I like to plot out a few ideas, a general goal, and a basic starting point. I don't like to have every little thing figured out, because what's the fun in that? But I do like to know where we're going and who our boys are. I like to pull out plot twists, so I won't tell you a lot of what I'm planning. I hope you'll do the same. After the RP has started, though, I expect us to continue plotting, brainstorming, and throwing around ideas. There will inevitably be scenes that need detailed discussion, so the planning never really stops.

* My characters range from strong, kickass types, to naive and uncertain, but they are never passive and flat. I've had people request that my characters be more submissive and weak, and I can do it if that really does it for you, but generally I get bored if my character has no spine, and it makes it harder for us both to contribute to the game progression if my character is just sitting around waiting for things to happen to him.

* I'm not a giant bitch, I just have very little spare time, and I know very well what I want in an RP partner. I'd rather have no one to play with than have several games I'm only mildly interested in. Please do not be offended if I feel that there isn't any chemistry between us. I'm a strange person who has had difficulty finding compatibility in the past, including with very talented writers and RPers. I go by the philosophy that if you aren't both having a good time, what's the point. So likewise, if we chat and you aren't feeling it, no hard feelings.


Here is a list of things I will or won't do, and of course there are many I'm probably leaving out, so if you don't see it mentioned, just ask!

Mutual Masturbation: Yes.
Anal: Yes.
Oral: Yes.
Rimming: Yes. I actually really like rimming, but I guess a lot of people don't.
Toys: I'm actually not a fan of toys. I think they're generally kind of boring. But if you're really into them, I won't say no.
Unusual Locations: Haha, yes. Hell yes. I love unusual locations, almost getting caught, even getting caught. Let's do this thing.

Multiple Partners: YES. In so many ways. If we're each playing multiple characters, I like to sometimes have a bit of infidelity, or open relationships, threesomes, etc, going on. It's a guilty pleasure. I'm also a fan of group sex just in general, whether it's consensual to the person being screwed or not. If the number is too large, we might not want to make it orgy style with everyone just going crazy, but I have no number limit otherwise. Oh, and I really like DP, so I have no problem with two cocks in one hole. Also, I'm a fan of love triangles, and I'm down with them ending in a threeway relationship. I feel like it rarely ends that way, so it'd be kind of nice, actually. That aside, there are sadistic ways to use the multiple partner theme, so I'm a fan of that as well.

Male Pregnancy: I actually like male pregnancy, as long as the character isn't human, and as long as they're a species that IS CAPABLE of that. I hate that whole, "Omg, I'm pregnant? But I'm a guy!" I'm only willing to do it if everyone in the species is aware that it's a possibility. We can talk about the logistics if you want to include this theme.

Tentacles: Not my cup of tea, but if you really, really want it, I'll give it a shot.

Bestiality: I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be comfortable RPing bestiality with actual animals, but human-minded animals are fine. Like I'm okay with a werewolf in wolf form screwing a human, etc. However, if you really want to play a bestiality scene, run it by me. Not many things offend me in fiction, so I won't just shoot it down before I hear you out.

Human-Animal Roleplay: In a BDSM scenario, I'm not interested, but mostly because I'm not into BDSM. I wouldn't mind some roleplaying of that style in the game, though.

BDSM: As twisted as it sounds, I'm not a huge fan of consensual pain in an RP. I'm down with light bondage, breath play, weapons in bed, etc. but prefer to skip the whips, leather, and candle wax. (If you're really, really into BDSM and fit my other requirements, I am willing to make an exception here.) It doesn't gross me out in the slightest so if you love it, I am definitely willing to play it with you, it just isn't generally that interesting to me. Maybe I just haven't played it right yet. I'm actually quite fond of violence in games, but I prefer the drama and emotion that comes from someone who doesn't appreciate the pain. Oh, but I do like humiliation, like someone being taken in front of other people against their will.

Master/Slave: The only reason I don't like master/slave is because it gets boring. If we can find a way to play it where the game isn't just about it, I'd be happy to give it a shot.

Bondage: Light bondage can be fun, typing someone to a bed, desk, chair, whatever. Once you start getting into the BDSM-specific tools, though, I kind of lose interest.

Asphyxiation: I actually kind of like this one, consensual or not. I prefer choking with bare hands, but a rope or belt around the throat works, too. Anything around the throat, but I'd rather not have something just covering the face. Maybe a pillow, I dunno. I like drowning, too. And I'm fine with choking until they pass out, consensual or not.

Cannibalism: I honestly have no problem with this, but I'd rather not do it in an amputee kind of way, where we cut off a limb and cook it, etc. If you're gonna be eaten, you're probably not getting out of the situation.

Necrophilia: Uh... I've never played it. Probably wouldn't have a reason to, but if you're really into it, it doesn't really bother me, I guess. Zombies raping victims has come up in the past, and I had no problem with that, even though it was kind of weird, haha. I mean, I guess it depends on why they're doing it and what it has to do with the game. If it's a really twisted scene like someone just killed someone's partner in front of them, then screws the body as an extra offense, I'd be okay with that. Just talk to me if you want to do it, and we'll figure it out.

Piercings/Tattoos: Sure, they can be hot. ^^ I'd rather the person not be super tattooed all over, but even if they are, that's fine with me. My friend has a guy with a full color tattoo on his penis, and I put up with it, haha. As for getting them during sex... well, bring it up to me and we'll talk.

Branding/Scarification: I have to admit that I kind of like this on a more sinister level, like a cult or someone sold into slavery or prostitution, etc. So sort of non-consensual branding, scarring, etc.

Blood Play: It's not really my thing, but if you are, I'm willing to discuss it.

Toilet Play: Honestly, I'm not that grossed out by urine, so I'd probably be okay with that, but nothing else. As far as non-sexual fluids go, I'd rather we not get graphic with the things coming out of people.

Cross Dressing: Other than thinking soldier uniforms are sexy, I don't usually focus on clothing much at all. But sometimes cross dressing can be really fun. Like I played it out one time with my character wearing a skirt while his boyfriend pounded him from behind... super hot. Generally I'm not into it as far as the game goes, but I'm not bothered by it either.

Role-play: I think this would be a lot of fun, actually, and I've never done it before, even though I've wanted to. It's fun for the characters to play like they're someone else sometimes. Actually I do have plans for a game like that in my werewolf story involving my character dressing up as Red Riding Hood and hiding in the woods, and his boyfriend hunting him down and screwing his brains out.

Weapons: I love weapons, and gun kink is a favorite. Guns in the mouth, held to the head, under the chin, etc. It can be a consensual scene or not, but I do kind of like the fear a gun inspires in the person it's being pointed at.

Dirty talk: Sure, my characters sometimes talk during sex, but it isn't usually a big thing.

Rough Sex/Dub-Con/Non-con: I love rough sex, and dub-con is okay in the right setting. As for non-con, that one is a must. Not usually between the main couple (because I don't like rape to love, so it'd have to be a special situation), but from an outside force. This is a theme I like to use a lot, I have to admit. It touches me emotionally in a way that most other forms of violence don't, so it comes up often enough. That's why if you can't handle rape scenes, we just won't work, unfortunately. I've tried to leave it out before, but I use rape scenes as a weird sort of therapy on crappy days, and without that outlet, I sort of lose interest. It's hard to explain. I'm not pro-rape by any means. Ask me if you want to know more about my views.

Voyeurism: Sure thing. I like this on either end, especially if it has some sort of effect on the person watching it (like the person is in love with one of the people having sex, etc.)

Other: Like I said before, I'm a fan of emotional trauma, and that's one of the reasons I like rape in games, because it harms both the victim and the one who loves him. (God, that makes me sound sick, but this is fictional only, I swear!) I like making them watch bad things happen to people they care about, forcing them to make cruel choices, etc. I also like betrayal, as I mentioned before, which can also really screw with the mind.

Umm... I'm willing to play out a lot of fetishes, so if you have one that you can't usually play, go ahead and bring it up and I'll let you know. I'm willing to do things like fisting, things like drugging the person beforehand, etc. I think I'd draw the line at adult babies and human toilets. Those are in my very small lists of NOs. I'm also fine with certain kinds of guro, snuff, etc. but I do have my limits. Just bring it up if you're curious.

Warnings, Notes, and Requests:

* I use emoticons when I'm talking OOC sometimes, never in game. In my opinion, emoticons make it easier to pick up tone in text, so while I don't expect you to use them, if you have a problem with me using them, but if it's such a big deal that it would stop us from playing, let me know. If we're amazingly compatible in all other ways, obviously I'd be willing to make that small sacrifice, haha.

* I have a tendency to talk a lot. I'll try to hold myself back, but when I'm excited, especially about a new RP, or a cool new RP partner, I go a little nuts. It gets worse when I'm tired.

* I do not want to talk about animal death or suffering, ever. If your dog died and you want to tell me, I'll be supportive, of course. But if it died in a violent way, please just skip that part. If the creature in question is something mythical, I don't mind hearing about it, but please keep in mind that if it's a real animal that exists in real life, I don't want to hear about it being harmed, even in fiction.

* My character will have boundaries and social norms like everyone else, and thus will react to your character accordingly. For example, if your character touches or kisses mine right after meeting, my character will not react in a positive manner. I only put this as a warning because it's come up so many times. If you wouldn't come up and start molesting a stranger, don't start our RP like that. Unless your guy is nuts, but in that case, you should expect mine to smack him.

* Please keep in mind that I do understand that some of the things I'm interested are not reflective of actual gay culture. I know for a fact that many men don't identify with one position in bed, for example, and there is a level of heterosexism involved in the sub being shorter or younger than the dom. In real life, I fight against misconceptions, but in real life, I also don't fantasize about the sex lives of gay people I know. This is fantasy, and this is what's fun for me, so if it bothers you that I play those things, you do not have to play with me.

** Please turn on your " typing" feature when we chat. I can be a bit of a chatter box (I bet you never would have guessed by my massive post), and sometimes I'm saying more after I hit send. I like to be able to see that you're responding so that I don't keep talking over you. I only bring this up because of a bad experience recently with a very strange, unpleasant individual.

RP/Writing Sample

I've changed the names and cut out most of her portions, as well as parts of my own, in order to make this shorter (though it's still pretty long). This scene is from a werewolf game where Jinx (hers) and Brandon (mine) have been together for about a year when Eli, Jinx's old flame (also mine), shows up out of nowhere. Her answers are in italics. Mine are bold:

Eli was startled by the details of Brandon's change. Dio had done that, eh? Well, there were laws against cavorting with humans, and Dio was the alpha now, after all. Eli imagined that hadn't exactly helped the brothers' relationship, but at least everyone was still breathing.

"How is Dio, anyway?" Eli asked, softly. He doubted he and Jinx were getting along any better than they had been four years earlier, especially when Dio had apparently eaten Jinx's mate for breakfast. It made Eli a little sad, knowing that there was so much bad blood between the two.

"...Still alive. Give me a few years and I'll remedy that." Jinx glanced at the other wolf sideways. "Why, you and him old penpals or somethin'?"

Eli imagined Dio was certainly having a blast as alpha. He'd always had a thing for power. When they were teenagers, he'd been pretty good in the sack for that reason: dominant, energetic, passionate. He wasn't exactly an attentive lover, but Eli had always liked it rough. Funny enough, Jinx was similar to his brother, but he was a little more concerned with his partner getting off, and over all, Eli thought he was a bit more skilled between the sheets. However, he decided the compliment wouldn't be well received.

"Not to stir up any bad memories, but I'm surprised you two didn't kill each other over that boy." Dio hadn't been as actively destructive toward humans as Jinx had been, but Eli imagined all hell would break loose if any rules were broken on his watch, for the sheer pride of it if nothing else.

Eli looked back and finished his drink, shrugging at the question. "Oh... no reason. Just haven't seen him for a while is all. I wondered how his rise to the top had affected him."

With a half smile, Eli rose and grabbed the bottle of scotch before returning to his seat. "You up for another?" he cooed. He knew Jinx could hold his liquor, but he'd like to see how he felt on this stuff. It was liquid gold. Potent as hell.

He poured another glass for himself and for Jinx, then sat back, watching the other wolf. Lost in thought, he licked his lips, letting his eyes trail to his former lover's throat. "How are you and that boy on monogamy?" He paused, then smiled. "Just curious."

The question made a slow, distinctly wolfish smile ease across Jinx's face, and he didn't say anything as he took a long pull on his scotch, which settled warm and comfortable inside him. Then he reached over and grabbed Eli by the front of his shirt, dragged him close, and kissed him, hard and deep. Oh, this was just as good as he remembered - maybe more so. Like good whiskey, some things did get better with time.

When he let him go, he licked his bottom lip and smirked. "Optional at best."

Jinx took another sip of his drink before setting it on the table and getting to his feet. "You got any decent music around here?" he asked idly. He rolled his neck and shoulders, stretched in a way which accentuated the long line of his body.

Eli didn't resist when Jinx reached over and grabbed him, sealing the deal with a passionate kiss. Those lips still felt familiar, and he smirked against them as Jinx pulled back. "Huh, funny. I couldn't tell with the way the little thing was clinging to you." Honestly, though he was being lighthearted, he bore the kid no ill will. Jinx was Brandon's mate, and Eli wasn't planning on snatching him back. After all, he imagined the boy had been through hell to get where he was, if he'd started off human.

At the question of music, Eli gestured to his collection on the far wall where a very nice sound system was waiting. He watched Jinx cross the room, then rose from the couch, slipping behind him and sliding his hands up Jinx's front, under his shirt. He buried his face in the other's back and inhaled deeply. "...I missed this smell," he sighed. It had changed over time. He definitely smelled that boy all over him. But it didn't take away from his mood any.

Pulling back ever so slightly, he traced the curve of Jinx's body, where it had been so defined a moment before. He leaned in to bite Jinx's neck from behind, grinning against his flesh. "So, does he satisfy you?" he whispered. Damn, was the whole "he's taken" thing turning him on? Eli was ashamed to admit it. It wasn't like he hadn't been with taken people before-- married men, couples even. But this... It was so foreign, seeing Jinx settle down, become a family man, all for some human teenager. Maybe a part of Eli was playing with the strange feelings inspired within him when he realized that a little boy had somehow done what he couldn't.

Of course, Jinx's relationship couldn't be as solid as it had initially appeared if Eli could so easily woo him. And right now, he just wanted to see if that body was the same as he remembered.

"You'd be surprised," Jinx murmured, still flipping through song choices as if his pulse hadn't jumped with Eli's proximity, the other wolf's heat close at his back and hands on his skin, all too familiar.

"Mm," Eli chuckled. "I'm sure I would."

He pressed himself even closer to Jinx's back then, pushing up on his toes so that they were the same height. Warm breath against the back of the other wolf's neck, Eli ran his tongue over the shell of Jinx's ear. "Let me try to out do him."

Jinx slowly turned in Eli's embrace and kissed him again, this time more aggressively, tasting good alcohol on his lips. "Fine. We'll see how you measure up after all this time,

The hint of challenge in Jinx's voice made Eli grin, and he chuckled against Jinx's lips. "You think you can take me, little boy?" Eli murmured. "Show me what you've got."


So there you have it! My very detailed ad, and a rather long sample of writing. Hopefully that answers most if not all questions you might have. As for what I want to play right now, there isn't anything that I'm particularly craving lately. I just want a good game with a good partner, something dark and violent, full of raw emotion, if that's at all possible. Someone who wants the same would be great.

I'm sort of a weird person, and I'm very particular, but that doesn't mean I'm not nice. I just know what I want. Please message me if you'd like to chat more and see if we click. I apologize for any typos in this. It took me forever to fill it out.

I may not even get a response or have anyone want to stick with me, but I had to give it a chance at least. Hope to hear from some people! I really am nice, I promise, I just know what I'm looking for and don't want to waste my time or anyone else's time. So don't be intimidated. If you fit the above description or come close, drop me a line!

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Looking for a writing partner...

Hey, I am possibly interested in doing a novel-style RP. I read your journal entries, why don’t you have a look at my profile. I tried to post a little something there to give you an idea of my tastes. I can send you something more detailed soon. I’m still dealing with some holiday stuff at the moment. So today, I just wanted to extend my hand… say hello and see if you’re still interested??? I know this is an older post. And I assure you I am wayyyy past eighteen :)

Re: Looking for a writing partner...

Hello! Thanks for your interest. We can certainly chat and see if we're compatible. I'm pretty busy right now, but hopefully things will calm down in the near future. Do you have aim or something like that so we can talk a bit more?

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